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Stuff We Love

Looks like it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything here for your viewing and/or reading pleasure.  Don’t think for a second it’s because we haven’t had anything to post!  On the contrary, we’ve been shooting so much (and editing and building albums) that we’ve barely had time to breathe and just haven’t MADE the time to post any of our favorites here.

Much to your chagrin, we’re sure!, this post won’t contain any of Anam Cara’s most recent images either.  Instead, it’s a peek into the world of other photographers, bloggers, and brides that we’re loving right now.  Each of these posts made the list for different reasons.  For some, it’s the lighting and drama in the photos.  For others it’s the small touches and painstaking details, conceptualized and carried out by the bride and groom and captured beautifully by the photographer.  And for others still, it’s just because we love the theme or idea or general feeling of the wedding, or maybe even just ONE image that is so good we wanted you to have a chance to see it also.

Happy Reading and Looking!


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